Anonymous how are you going with your 3dsxl capture card donation? i would love to know what much money has been raised!

You can see how much has been raised if you click on the little gyroid on the corner of my blog (mobile users won’t be able to). You’ll be taken here where you can also find a lot more information about the whole “pwp” and special details!

Anonymous Why don't you raise money for your capture card by doing art commissions?

If you’ve been keeping up with my posts, I’ve said that I’ve been having problems with art block and that I’m not too confident with my art. I personally think I need to improve a whole lot more before I can actually sell anything! I used to draw a lot when I was a kid but stopped in middle school. I only picked it up again in January or February iirc, so I haven’t even been drawing for a year yet after my long hiatus! I’m sure it shows ;;;; n ;;;;;


quick doodle of cutie mayor & blogger pasteliapeaches :3


quick doodle of cutie mayor & blogger pasteliapeaches :3

Anonymous Did you get into UCLA, Berkeley, or Stanford?


Random tip: When sending letters to villagers, you’ll get a more positive response if you add hearts, stars, and/or music notes to the text

Anonymous What would it take for you to visit my dream town (: ?

A submission of your dream code :)

Anonymous You are so so so perfect for me, your blog is FREACKING CUTE, your town too, your mayor too, your face too, omg too much perfect ;_;


I visited Pastelia and spent like, over an hour there and it was wonderful :3

DC: 4100-2171-4940 // Blog:


I took a bunch of pictures so I just made some of them into (really bad) gifs

under the cut- 

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