Anonymous hey i was just wondering, if you reset your village/twon do you lose absoloutley everything and sorry i know this is kinda a dumb question ono

Yes you do! Nothing will be saved so people tend to have a friend hold their things for them! You will have to go through getting your approval rating to 100% again too, sadly.

Anonymous Ur blog is basically all about visitors now ahaha it's really repetitive but whatever. It bugs me but it's ur blog soo yaa

I know it’s my blog but it helps to get feedback from my followers sometimes so thanks for letting me know :)

The last “original content” I’ve posted was this, it’s not my intention to seem all about dream visits! I guess it’s because Pastelia’s at the stage where dream visits are all I can post, I haven’t been working on it as much so there’s nothing new for you guys to see yet!

I’ve also been trying to be more interactive with you guys so I reblogged that one association post /) /// (\ It would help if you guys tell me what you like seeing as well~!

Anonymous Your dream town is really cute! It kinda feels romantic to me in a way~

Aaaa!! That’s the first time I’ve gotten that, wow thank you!!!<33

I guess Pastelia kinda does cater to couples, seeing as it has lots of places you’d go to on dates—oh and there is a couple shop and wedding area—omg I wish acnl couples could “dream” together and have dates in Pastelia or even have a wedding! That would be super cute!!!!

brewsterlatte I associate you with Maple! ;w;

U R GREAT BCUZ RILAKKUMA = ME ?? <3333333333

Anonymous I associate you with Blanche 'cause .. I don't even know .. She was the first I thought about :)

Omg Ren has told me that in the past and tbh I think she is the most accurate!! Although a snooty, she’s vvv polite and another one of those chars I’d love to have in my town if it wasn’t full :c 

Anyway thank you!! :)

asamino with isabelle and goldie!!

Aaaaa your opinion of me must be high as those are such admirable characters, especially the former!!! Thank you so much!! :)

chewwycrossing You and marina seem like a good match tbh ///both relatively normal.../// and'd beee leila? Rlly cute heck yea

Omg yes I think the personality is a perfect match!! If only she were pastel pink!

Leila tho ahahaha she is hecka cute wow, with her island shop aside, I take that as a compliment so thank you vvv much!!!!

Anonymous maybe that person meant apple? ;v;


It all makes sense now thank you anon!

But omg no Apple is way too cute hoW DO I EVEN

Anonymous you're dream town is the best one i've visited ^.^

Uwaaaa!! Thank you so much!!!! Pastelia’s not quite finished so hearing that motivates me to make it an even better experience for future visitors! Thank you for visiting :)